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The Psychic Reader is Max Mancer. He has been an intuitive psychic all of his life. He has over 15 years of satisfied psychic reading clients from all over the world. He has many Australian and international clients including from the USA, UK, Canada and Europe. He works from Sydney Australia. He does Psychic Readings Via Email, Via Skype and Over The Phone. He has a university degree in BioMedical Science and has worked as a scientist. He is also an electronic music producer.

He also created a form of healing called Light Axis Healing which he does on his healing clients. He has studied a wide range of healing techniques, including reiki and seichim. He does Healing Sessions Via Skype and Over The Phone and Via Remote Healing. The Light Axis Healing techniques were developed by Max during a few months of deep meditation. He has experienced many healing miracles on himself and on others using Light Axis Healing. Within this form of healing is the power to release ALL your sadness, fear, anger and hurt. When the all negative energies are released, your body, mind and emotions will heal and repair themselves, because they will have an abundance of good life force energy.
Max Mancer – Psychic Readings – Healing Sessions
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